Bueno Enchiladas, Green Chile Chicken, Santa Fe Style

From our family to yours. Since 1951. New Mexico Certified Chile (New Mexico Chile Association. www.nmchileassociation.org). As children, enchiladas were our comfort food. For birthdays, each one of us got to choose our birthday meal. Universally, every one of us picked enchiladas and chocolate cake even though our birthdays all fell within a two month period. We never tired of that wonderful combination of flavors: the mingling of warm corn tortillas, melted cheese, a sprinkle of onion and finally, the savory chile sauce, still bubbling hot off the stove. To us, enchiladas meant family, celebration and nurturance. And when we set out to create these enchiladas, we wanted to convey those very same feeling of warmth and joy to our customers. We hope you enjoy! - The Baca Family. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. www.buenofoods.com.