Willamette Valley Pie Pie, Caramel Apple

Caramel apple pie with brown sugar oatmeal streusel. Non GMO. Handmade artisan pie. Farmer owned. Frozen fresh. From the richness of the fertile Willamette Valley. Certainly the best pie ever frozen. You'll love it. Only the best fruit goes into these perfect pies. Real fruit - no fillers all natural ingredients. Costs a little more but it's worth it! You bake it for the freshest taste. Share it with all of your friends. Make each and every Friday Pie Day. You'll love the aroma no need for a special occasion. You can say you made it yourself. Perfect for a party or a potluck. A product of Oregon landmark of quality. It all started with the berries. Here in the Willamette Valley glorious sunshine, billowing clouds and misty rain combine with deep, rich soil for growing the most extraordinary berries from the simple glimmering blueberry to the intense flavor of the Marionberry, birthed right here in. Marion County. This perfect mix of soil and climate, what winemakers call terroir, inspired three berry farmers to search out the best way to bring these remarkable flavors (and more!) to you. Have we succeeded with our pies? You tell us. Enjoy the fresh-from-the-farm taste, then try another flavor! Our pies are handmade by a room full of ladies who love to make pies (it's true!). But they don't make just any pie, they hand-craft each one using the best fruit and berries around. How do we know? Because we grow the berties in our fields in Oregon's famous Willamette Valley and personally source the apples, peaches and other fruit. Our pledge is to deliver to your table the most incredibly yummy pie you've ever had, every time you bake one of our "Ready to Bake" pies or simply thaw and enjoy our Oven Free pies. We won't go the way of mass-produced, standard fare pies that are packed with pre-cooked fillings, starches and lesser quality fruit. Because berry growers own the company and we're serious about quality and flavor, you'll also find all Willamette Valley Pie Company products - from pies & cobblers to our frozen fruits - contain no GMO's, making them the healthiest, freshest tasting choice for your family and friends! You're holding a handmade pie carefully assembled to delight your tastebuds with all the luscious flavor of fruit picked at its peak. Our mouthwatering pies, lovingly made with inspired hands, are frozen unbaked, so you can have a perfect pie any time you like. Whether you're craving blueberries, boysenberries, Marionberries, raspberries, strawberries, apples or peaches, this just-like-homemade pie is ready for you to bake up fresh any time of year. And you can say you made it yourself-we won't tell! Ready to bake. Local fruit. The Sherpherd's Grain. Sustainably no-till wheat flour. Palm done right. Sustainably source organic palm oil. www.wvpie.com. Email your favorite pie story to readytobake(at)wvpie.com, or ask about fundraising with our pies at fundraising(at)wvpie.com. Made in Oregon.