Michelob Ultra Beer, Superior Light, Mini

1.7 carbs. 62 cals. Per 8 fl oz Average Analysis: 62 calories; 1.7 g carbohydrates; 0.4 g protein; 0.0 g fat. A lighter way through the weekday. Enjoy responsibly. TapIntoYourBeer.com. www.michelobultra.com. Thirsty for more info? TapIntoYourBeer.com. Questions/Comments Call: 1-800-342-5283. www.michelobultra.com. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified sourcing. www.sfiprogram.org. We support the Sustainable Forestry Initiative by obtaining the packaging materials used in this carrier from certified sources, because we believe in managing our forest for future generations. Please recycle.