Fairy Tales Survival Kit, Lice Good-Bye

Safe & effective lice removal made easy. Removes lice, nits & super lice. Gentle no harsh chemicals. Safe clinically proven. 1. Treat. 2. Remove. 3. Prevent. Includes 4 oz. Mousse treatment, nit comb, 3.3 oz, conditioning spray & an easy grip hair clip. Lice removal made easy! The Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit contains everything a parent needs to treat, remove and help prevent head lice. Easy to follow instructions are inside. Relax, take a deep breath - you've now got everything you need. 1. Lice Good-Bye Mousse. Naturally occurring, non-bacterial, biodegradable yeast enzymes work to stop lice in their tracks. Removing all nits is essential; they hatch in 7-10 days leading to re-infestation. This natural formula dissolves the sticky nit glue. Lice Good-Bye will not become resistant to super lice and can be used repeatedly as it contains no pesticides or harsh chemicals. Use Lice Good-Bye mousse for a quick head check. Terminator Nit-Free Comb. Proven 300% more effective than all other nit combs. Stainless steel spiral grooves catch every nit and remove lice directly from the scalp. Rounded edges ensure comfort and the easy grip handle makes the Fairy Tales Terminator Comb perfect for lice removal. Keep handy for weekly head checks, too. Rosemary Repel Conditioning spray. The no.1 best-selling lice prevention spray is clinically proven to be over 94% effective in helping to prevent head lice using a proprietary blend of organic herbs. Rosemary Repel Conditioning Spray is perfect for ensuring a quick return to school. To help remove lice: Use the spray to fully wet hair. Studies have shown wet combing helps remove lice easier. Prevention: Spray each day before school, camp and daycare to help prevent outbreaks. Great for the whole family to detangle, condition and stay lice free. Did you know? Organic herbs of rosemary, citronella, tea tree, and peppermint have been clinically proven to help prevent head lice. FDA: Generally regarded as Safe (GRAS). Founded in 1999, Fairy Tales is the creator and leader of gentle lice prevention hair care and removal products. Our products are recommended by school nurses, pediatricians and most importantly, parents. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products. Proven safe, gentle & effective. No toxins, pesticides or harsh chemicals. Free of parabens, sulfates & phthaltes. FairyTalesHairCare.com. For more information & videos visit: FairyTalesHairCare.com. Made in the USA.