Sweet Earth Enlightened Food Chik'n Fajita, Plant Based

Made with black beans, corn & peppers over cauliflower rice. 18 grams of protein per serving. 5 g fiber. Super 5 foods. With plant - based mindful chikn. Perfect for: Lunch, snack or dinner. Authentic flavors; good source potassium; plant based. We believe meals are meant to nourish & strengthen as well as comfort & delight. This chik'n fajita is crafted with 5 vegan, nutrient-rich ingredients we call super 5 foods to nourish with each savory bite! Ready in minutes! Tex-Mex deliciousness. Chikn (plant-based protein) fajita with plant-based mindful chik'n, cauliflower rice, black beans, onions, bell peppers, corn, poblano pepper, tangy tomatillo poblano sauce. Get nourished with super 5 foods today. Mindful chik'n; bell peppers; black beans; corn; tomatillos. Tex-mex inspired spice. Plant-based sizzle. From the aroma to the flavor, no dish excites the senses quite like a plate of fajitas, a mouth-watering meal that's best when served among friends and family. We took a classic fajita recipe and deconstructed it, serving up our plant-based Mindful Chik'n, black beans, onions, bell peppers, corn, poblanos and a tangy tomatillo poblano sauce over a bed of cauliflower rice. Ole! www.sweetearthfoods.com. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. (at)sweetearthfoods. Check out other globally-inspired foods from Sweet Earth! The Peruvian burrito; Kyoto stir fry. how2recycle.info.